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Gina Marie is the Founder and Executive Director of

Healing Hands Horsemanship. 

As the daughter of the first professional world champion trampolinist,

 Gina grew up in the gymnastics environment, traveling with her 

family throughout the United States.

Horses were always a childhood fantasy and as her father recalls,

Gina asked for a pony every day of her life!

Gina loved to visit her Uncle John, in Ohio, who had several beautiful 

quarter horses.  At a very young age, her uncle placed Gina on top of one of his prized stallions and the fantasy became a lifelong passion.


Later, pursuing her passion of working with horses, included owning, training, and rescuing horses along with studying with great horsemen and horsewomen.  This led to discovering philosophies of Horsemanship and working in several different types of professional horse care and professional training environments.  Gina's early years also included work at the Monmouth Park racetrack in New Jersey.

Professionally, Gina has combined her understanding of breaking large skills into developmental steps for her students to accomplish personal awareness through progressive activities with her gentled horses.  Gina now shares horse training skills through this non-profit horsemanship lessons program.

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The Horses


Roxie has been a part of the Healing Hands team since 2011.  She was rescued from slaughter at a last chance situation at a ranch in Red Rock, Nevada.  She was only 2 years old and was purchased for her weight in horse meat for only $175.

Today, Roxie’s value to Healing Hands Horsemanship is priceless!

After the gentling and training process with the founder of Healing Hands Horsemanship, Roxie has become a remarkable lesson horse for all ages and abilities! 

Roxie can carry a rider that weighs up to 180 lbs


Mime is looking forward to meeting with all who join us at the ranch!

This beautiful little registered Shetland Pony, "All Eyes On Me", was donated to Healing Hands Horsemanship's founder by John Walker in 2013.  Mime was bred and raised for team driving.

Strong and determined, Mime has an infectiously charismatic energy that resonates with the younger students.  She loves attention and can't wait to show off her sweet personality and shinny black coat when you visit the arena.

She comfortably carries all ages and abilities up to 100 pounds and is currently the special birthday party pony!

Stella , Remington, and Tomahawk




Young Mustangs in training.

Four young horses (3 pictured here) were donated to the founder of Healing Hands Horsemanship by generous supporters, Bob and Colette.

Healing Hands Horsemanship's coaches, horse handlers and trainers work hard to prepare horses to become gentle and appreciative of humans.  Some horses take longer than others, while some do not become lesson horses.  We look forward to informing the supporters and followers of this rescue effort and the progress of the Mustangs.



Is one of the four Young Mustangs in training.

She is now in the Nevada training location for students to participate with a mustang and learn the ways to start a young horse in the most gentle ways.

Healing Hands Horsemanship's process of gentling and training is designed to create a potential lesson horse from each equine coming into the program.


Desiree shows great willingness to participate and is quickly learning that her rewards are great, in having a mutually beneficial interaction with humans throughout her training.

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