Group Lessons

A group is defined by two or more students in a scheduled hour.  

Lessons are designed for all ages and abilities.

Students are encouraged to participate in a team setting during lessons.  This means, students will team up to share a horse in order to accomplish the many skills necessary to test through the training levels of Healing Hands Horsemanship.  For safety, we keep the ratio low, by having one horse per coach for beginning students (through Level 3); and up to three students per horse in a group lesson. 

Make your donation amount via the 'donate' button at the top of the page.

Packaged lessons are available for Donation participants and their families when the session is booked and registered in advance. 

Donation tiers are:

  • $55.00 per 2 hour Group (drop-in rate)

= 1 DAY trial during group lessons

  • $75.00 per 2 hour Private Lesson

= 1 DAY private instruction per person

  • $220.00 per MONTH

= $55.00 per 2 hour monthly discount Package for once per week, hourly lessons

= discounted to $50.00 per visit, for six lessons

  • $540.00 SEASON Pass

= $45.00 per weekly lessons for up to 12 weeks

  • $325.00 PONY PARTY Package

= up to 2 horses or pony rides, for 1.5 hours

A testing class at the end of each session may be offered (every 12 weeks), which will allow the student to test into the next level.  Also showing the progress and accomplishments in a fun-filled family day, before the next session begins.


All participants are required to:

  1. Bring a signed Liability Release Form provided by Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc. prior to entering the arena.

  2. BECOME MEMBERS OF THE DONATION TIER PROGRAM by paying the donation amount to match the horse time requested.

  3. Bring a completed Enrollment Form at the time of services requested.