Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc.
Healing Hands Horsemanship rescue and training organization offers horse care lessons for all ages and abilities. 
Horses and ponies that are rescued and rehabilitated; are also trained by our professional handlers, students and coaches.  This great program is in need of your generosity of donated funds. 
There are many ways to help this organization, such as:
  • volunteering,
  • sponsor a student with horse care and riding lessons,
  • sponsoring one of the horses or ponies,
  • foundation donations,
  • individual donations, and
  • promoting the organization through group events with the rescued horses and ponies.
Due to the cost of overhead care and upkeep of the lesson horses and facilities, it is necessary for the program to create ways that you can help too!
By using this link:
Or the button provided, DONATE through PayPal, with your credit, debit, or electronic check.
Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc uses lesson plans designed by our founder, for all ages to participate in horse care and riding activities, with safety as the primary focus.  All students will learn at their own individual pace through the ten levels of horsemanship. Students will become excellent horse handlers and riders from the ground up. 
Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc provides a safe and educational experiences with the assistance of gentled rescue horses and ponies.
Sponsor a student today!
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Or, Volunteer to help at the ranch!
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