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Reserve a PONY for your Special Day!

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We love to hear from you (775)292-9303
Pony Party for your special event:
Healing Hands Horsemanship has a wonderful location for your important occasion. 

All ages are welcome! 

Enjoy a fun family time with horses and ponies.  You will have a full hour of pony rides for all of your horse-loving guests.

HHHI provides a safe and educational experience with the assistance of gentled rescue horses and ponies. 

Please SIGN UP NOW to reserve your pony party time with Healing Hands Horsemanship rescue ponies.

All participants are required to sign the group acknowledgment for the Liability Release Form from Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc.

All scheduled events must be paid in full prior to the event.


Healing Hands Horsemanship ponies available for parties are:
  1. "Mime", our Shetland pony can carry up to 100 lb riders.
  2. "Roxie", our 14-year-old rescue gaited mare who can carry up to 180 lb riders.
Each ride is about 5-7 minutes and riders are welcome to repeat more rides throughout the hour.  Healing Hands Horsemanship provides helmets and professional horse handling via our dedicated volunteers.
We thank you for your support!
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