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This is a great option for saving money and sharing the love!

Each $480.00 Punch Card is valid for 6 Lesson visits.
This SPECIAL is interchangeable among registered students.
Valid for the full year.
PUNCH CARDS are a GREAT DISCOUNTED package option:


You get a great hourly rate by purchasing the PUNCH CARD! 


It can be used for multiple  individuals and is interchangeable among members and horse activities.  All participants must be registered for participation.
This is a great option for families with horsemanship students, since it reduces your hourly price
1 punch = 1 hour participation; per member, or rider
Once you have completed the enrollment form and have a signed Liability Release Form, you are  registered for your first lesson.
The PUNCH CARD (which can be purchased online at the time of registration),
can be used for  a group lesson that has space available. 
Please call (775)292-9303 at least 24 hours ahead of the requested lesson hour and to verify the available space in the group.
The PUNCH CARD is interchangeable among registered members and most services or merchandise offered by Healing Hands Horsemanship. 
Not to be used with any other discount.
The PUNCH CARD can be used as a great gift item!
We love to hear from you (775)292-9303
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