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DAY CAMP Program prices:
$315 for 3 DAYS/9 hours = ($35.00 per hour, 9 hours)
6 weeks of camp available
COMPARE to our other hourly rates available:
$55.00 Drop in daily rates available for flexible scheduling.
$45.00 Hourly rate when prepaid monthly = ($180.00/month).
$20.00 Pony rides 30 minutes, during Toddler & Me hours for 2 years  and up when accompanied by a guardian.
Discounts available for multiple siblings and early registration!
Horse ownership skills
Making friends and building trust
Building confidence and strength

Healing Hands Horsemanship is excited to announce our SUMMER DAY CAMP program for 2017!


Participants will learn horse training, horse care, and riding activities. We will also include games, crafts, and teamwork.    


HHH Ranch is offering a 3-day camp from 2:00 pm through 5:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week for 6 weeks. June 20th through August 3rd.

Your day camper can attend 1 or all 7 weeks during the summer, with the opportunity to make lasting friendships with the horses, staff, and participants!


HHH Ranch is MORE THAN JUST A RIDING PROGRAM: Students will learn the progressive steps to horse ownership through specially designed lesson plans. 

The Ten levels:

  1. Introduction to the Horse

  2. Teamwork

  3. Equitation

  4. Pre-Vet Ownership

  5. Horse Feeding and Nutrition

  6. Horse Housing and Habitat

  7. Horse Herds and Colors

  8. Horse Breeding and Ages of the Equine

  9. Volunteering for Equine Rescue

  10. Adoption of HHH Rescue Equine

Each level covers the following ten areas of required knowledge, for testing into the next above level, including:

  1. Anatomy

  2. First-Aid

  3. Groundwork

  4. Knots

  5. Language

  6. Nutrition

  7. Riding

  8. Safety

  9. Tack

  10. Teamwork


HHHI uses lesson plans designed by our founders for all ages to participate in horse care and riding activities, with safety as the primary focus.  All students will learn at their own individual pace through HHHI ten levels progression horsemanship lesson program.  Our ten levels will be used to instruct our students to become excellent horse handlers and riders from the ground up.  At the completion of level ten, a graduating participant may become eligible to adopt one of the rescue horses or ponies, who has also graduated from the training program and eligible to be adopted.


HHHI provides a safe and educational experience with the assistance of gentled rescue horses and ponies. 


Please SIGN UP NOW to be in the next HHHI session.  Look for the Horse Day Camp packaged pricing. Early Bird Discounts are available


All participants are required to be registered by signing up for Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc. scheduled sessions and must be paid in full prior to the first day.

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