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Healing Hands Horsemanship is now offering afternoon hours for the after-school student participation.

Our students will participate in horse training, horse care and riding activities during their scheduled hour of horse fun.    

Healing Hands Horsemanship students progress at their own pace through the ten levels of horsemanship.

The ten levels cover ten areas of knowledge, which include: Anatomy, First-Aid, Groundwork, Knots, Language, Nutrition, Riding, Safety, Tack, and Teamwork.

HHHI uses lesson plans designed by our founder for all ages to participate in horse care and riding activities, with safety as the primary focus.  Our ten levels are used to instruct our students to become excellent horse handlers and riders from the ground up.  At the completion of level ten, a graduating participant may become eligible to adopt one of the rescue horses or ponies, who has also graduated through the training program and eligible to be adopted.

HHHI provides a safe and educational experience with the assistance of gentled rescue horses and ponies. 

Please SIGN UP NOW to be in the next HHHI session.  

All participants are required to be registered by signing up for Healing Hands Horsemanship, Inc. scheduled lessons and must be paid in full prior to the first lesson.

We love to hear from you (775)292-9303
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